Investment Information
Our recent market surveys to over 1000 homeowners indicated over ⅓ were very or extremely interested in getting a Risk Reduction Mortgage
Our financial projections indicate a 70% reduction in portfolio-level credit risk for mortgage backed securities based on Risk Reduction Mortgage-backed homes
Risk Reduction Mortgage Corporation is currently raising its angel/seed round. We are conducting this under SEC Rule 506(b) of Regulation D provisions, and this is not a general solicitation; you should probably be a friend, contact or contact of a contact of a Risk Reduction Mortgage Corp officer or board member.
Startup investments are high-risk and you may lose your entire investment.
To invest in Risk Reduction Mortgage Corporation, you must be an “accredited investor” meeting certain income and net worth criteria as per SEC definition (typically, net worth of $1M excluding primary residence, or annual income of $200k for at least two years, or $300k including spouse), or must be individually approved as a “sophisticated investor” with sufficient expertise in the mortgage, banking or finance-related industries such that you can properly evaluate the risks associated with this investment.
Alternately, if you’d prefer to get the NDA faxed to you, please indicate so in your message below.
Download these files; fill out and return the NDA.
NDA Form